Los Angeles/2008 Meetings/December 10

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Topic: The MySpace Worm

Speaker: Samy Kamkar

Samy Kamkar, software engineer and self-proclaimed playboy, is a meddler in the security and software realms. He is currently the Director of Engineering and co-founder of Fonality, Inc., an IP PBX startup located in Culver City. Previously, Samy led the development of all core top-level domain name server software and systems for Global Domains International (.ws). Prior to that, Samy worked with Penn State University developing psychometric personality assessment software with attention to artificial intelligence and bioinformatics. When not strapped behind the Matrix, Samy can be found performing parkour (free running), practicing urban escape artist maneuvers, or is found getting involved in local community service projects. In the past 10 years, Samy has focused on evolutionary and genetic algorithmic software development, Voice over IP software development, automated security and vulnerability research in the areas of network security, reverse engineering, and network gaming, and continues his focus in staying out of jail.

Abstract: The MySpace Worm

The most virulent worm in the history of the series of tubes known as the Internet. One of the most highly accessed websites ever [see comScore]. One of the most ostentatious hackers alive. Over one million victims. Less than 24 hours. Fueled only by Chipotle burritos. The MySpace Worm.

Samy will be recapping the story of the development, release and eventual future of the MySpace worm. The 24 hours that led up to over one million friends. The eventual downfall of the MySpace site for several hours. The non-malicious intent and humorous progression of the worm. The t-shirts. The copycats. The behind-the-scenes story of the Secret Service raid at Samy's home and office. The demise of Samy's legal use of computers, community service, restitution, high-risk offender probation, and rehabilitation. And where Samy is today.