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Local Partnerships

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Each project will have a 2-3 paragraph overview narrative. Keep to the key top points about the project. Visitors should be able to read this short narrative and have a good understanding of the project without having to scroll the entire document.

Project Links

Use this section for important links for projects/events that visitors will need. For instance, if this is an event, links to CFT, CPT and registration is handy If there is a microsite, that would be good to link to as well


Include top-level goals of the project in an ordered list Give thought to the ordering of goals. Revenue, attendance, launch date Make sure goals are measurable from undisputed source


  • In an unordered list (billeted) list major milestones in chronological order
  • Use the syntax of 2019-01-19, Milestone name [Name of Owner]
  • When milestones are completed, mark them as such with ??
  • A milestone isn’t everyone’s to-do list, it is the high level tasks of the project
  • If you have more than 20 milestones, you’re being too granular


  • unordered list of each leader and a hyperlink to their email address.

MOU Copy

DRAFT 3 Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding outlines the roles and responsibilities of a collaborative Local Event between the OWASP Foundation managed by an OWASP Champion with the Partner named below.

Local Events between OWASP Chapters and other organizations provide mutually beneficial awareness and advocacy opportunities to promote secure software development techniques, tools, and projects. The OWASP Foundation is not a party of the actual organizing of this Local Event and is only responsible for the specific items outlined below.

  • Under this MOU, all parties shall perform the following for the Project:
  • Ensure work effort and goodwill is shared relative to the benefits of each party.
  • Promote the Local Event as “Supported by OWASP.”
  • Operate the Local Event as a non-profit endeavor with complete financial transparency.
  • Conform to the OWASP Code of Conduct.
  • Explore and implement programs that increase diversity in AppSec

Under this MOU, the OWASP Foundation shall be responsible for the following:

  • Provide a non-exclusive limited right to use the OWASP name and marks for Local Event
  • Where appropriate, promote the Local Event on OWASP website and other channels.

Under this MOU, the OWASP Foundation shall expressly NOT be responsible for the following:

  • Any financial expenses of the Local Event.
  • Any legal, insurance, and tax obligations of the Local Event.

In rare cases, the OWASP Foundation may financially support the Local Event; provided that financial support has prior approval as an OWASP Reimbursable Expense, and the amount is no more than $1,000.

Terms outlined above are for the single Local Event for the date listed below, This Memorandum of Understanding is agreed to all parties by the authorized representatives below:

OWASP Champion OWASP Chapter Partner Partner Contact info (email, phone) Local Event City Local Event Date Local Event URL