Leeds UK chapter leaders

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Chapter Board/Leaders

Jason Alexander Application Security Specialist - KPMG

Jason has over 10 years of information security experience. He has an avid interest in web application security and especially web services security.


Martin Law Director - First Defence Information Security Limited

Martin is also the Vice chair of CREST Standards Committee and a very experienced security consultant.

Mike Woodhead Senior Security Consultant - Activity Information Management LTD

Mike has over 10 years experience in the security industry, both as an e-commerce developer and penetration tester. While he has a well rounded skill set, he prefers the challenge associated with web application testing. He currently holds the Crest Certified Web Application Tester certification.

Neal Lewis Neal Lewis & Associates Ltd.

Neal has twelve years of experience in the information security industry, now director of Neal Lewis & Associates Ltd. Providing infosec consultancy, secure network infrastructure and communications solutions.

We can all be contacted through owaspleeds@gmail.com

Please remember, there is no limit on the amount of chapter leaders. If you feel you can contribute to the success of the chapter then please volunteer.