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Stay tuned for upcomming events. To be notified, feel free to join our mailing list.<br>
Stay tuned for upcomming events. To be notified, feel free to join our mailing list.<br>
=== ''' Chapter Meeting #2:'''  ===
=== ''' Chapter Meeting #1 / Presentation:'''  ===
=== ''' Chapter Meeting #1 / Presentation:'''  ===

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OWASP Kitchener/Waterloo Local Chapter


Welcome to the local Kitchner/Waterloo chapter homepage. The chapter leaders are Jay Rosenberger and Tim McCrabb

Local OWASP Chapter meetings are FREE and OPEN to anyone interested in learning more about application security. We encourage individuals to provide knowledge transfer via hands-on training and presentations of specific OWASP projects and research topics and sharing SDLC knowledge. We encourage vendor-agnostic presentations to utilize the OWASP Powerpoint template when applicable and individual volunteerism to enable perpetual growth.

Everyone is welcome. Feel free to sign up to our mailint list.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings. Our chapter's meetings are informal and we encourage open discussion of all aspects of web application security.

Stay tuned for upcomming events. To be notified, feel free to join our mailing list.

Chapter Meeting #2:


Chapter Meeting #1 / Presentation:

When: Wednesday, November 16th, 8pm - Local Chapter Kickoff Meeting + Presentation (Steve Hendrikse - Introduction To Web Services Security Testing)

Location: RumRunnerPub, 1 King Street W., Kitchener (Basement of Walper Hotel, corner of King and Queen- Map/Directions

Please RSVP to owasp@mccrabb.com

Length: 2 Hours

Description: For this informal meeting, we will have brief introductions, complete some general housekeeping, and discuss what we would like to get out of our local chapter. For the second half, our guest speaker will present an introduction to web services security testing


Welcome & Introductions
- OWASP Mission & Goals
- OWASP Meetings
- OWASP resources and materials
- OWASP Membership

Guest Speaker
- Steve Hendrikse - Intro to testing Web Services
- Q&A
- Open Discussion
- Feedback & Closing Comments

Speaker Bio: Steve Hendrikse is a Technical Security Analyst with Research In Motion. He specializes in web application security assessment and testing. Steve also has a leading role within the Corporate Security Department in developing and extending the Secure Development Lifecycle at RIM. Steve studied Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario and attained an MSc. in Information Security from the Royal Holloway. His interests include application/system usability and accessibility, reverse engineering, and design for security.

Outcome / Update: Our first meeting was a great success. We had 9 people attend, including our speaker. We had some techical diffictulties with our projector setup, but were able to overcome it due to the small crowd. The presentation was very interesting and the speaker was Class One. Thanks Steve for a great / informative presentation. Below is a link to the slideshow portion of the presentation for anyone intersted in the topic to view. We are looking forward to our next meeting, hoping some time in May / June. Stay tuned.

[Presentation Slide Show]

Our OWASP Local Chapter is free and open. Anyone in our area interested in web application security is welcome to participate. We encourage attendees to give short presentations about specific topics, or even just contribute through the mailing list. All ideas and topics welcome.

If you would like to make a presentation, or have any questions about our OWASP Chapter, send an email to one of the chapter leaders.

To keep up-to-date on all chapter events and meetings, or to propose ideas and topics to discuss, feel free to join our mailing list...

Feel free to contact our chapter leaders via email...
Tim McCrabb
Jay Rosenberger

Also feel free to join our mailing list and contact us through it in a public / open fashion.

We are currently accepting any and all donations...

funds to OWASP earmarked for Kitchner/Waterloo.