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Kishore T K is an Independent Security Researcher!. Also, He is a Director & CTO at Madurai360. He is also a Co-founder and Secretary of Kruptos Security Club. He had has experiences with several other companies working on Web application penetration testing. Kishore T K got listed in the hall of fame of Google, Microsoft, Alienvault, Lenovo and many other companies for reporting severe vulnerabilities. In addition to these, Kishore T K has delivered talks at various conferences. and He is leading the Open Web Application Security Project Madurai Chapter, Lead Committee of National Information Security Council and also the Core Member of Hackersday.

Volunteer Experience

Hall of Fames

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Alienvault
  • Intel
  • Paypal
  • Lenovo etc.


  • Hindustan University, Chennai
  • Sathyabama University, Chennai
  • OWASP Madurai

Cyber Security Meet-ups

  • Hindustan university
  • Kalasalingam university