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'''LinkedIn Profile:'''  [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/justin-derry/1/b54/84b|Click Here]
'''LinkedIn Profile:'''  [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/justin-derry/1/b54/84b Click Here]
'''My OWASP Goals:'''
'''My OWASP Goals:'''

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Name: Justin Derry

Job: CEO/Managing Partner Appsecure (Australia)
OWASP Involvement:
I've been involved with OWASP for nearly 10 years, and have worked within the organisation in many roles. Recently for a number of years, i've been the conference chair and organiser of the OWASP Asia Pacific/Australia conferences. I worked extensively on the OpenSAMM project with Pravir, and have reviewed other recent projects. Previously i've written and run the Interceptor project for OWASP (now closed), and have been a chapter leader and organised many chapter and conference sessions across Australia and Asia Pacific. I've also presented at conferences around the world on Application Security, and spoken and been an evangelist for OWASP and Application Security at many conferences.

LinkedIn Profile: Click Here

My OWASP Goals: To ensure OWASP is a transparent and Open organisation that has global reach across the Information Security and Development Communities.

There's more to come here..... Stay Tuned