July 11, 2012 SB Report

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Sarah Baso - Activity for June 2012 (Prepared for July 11, 2012 Board Meeting)

Note: As of the end of Q2, all Chapters Committee responsibilities have been transitioned to Kate Hartmann.

Conferences Committee

General Committee Info

  • Committee Membership: no changes, currently 8 members: Mark Bristow, Ralph Durkee, Richard Greenberg, Lucas Ferreira, John Wilander, Mohd Fazli Azran, Lorna Alamri, and Benny Ketelslegers.
  • Committee Chair: Mark Bristow
  • June Committee Meeting Minutes:
  • Recurring meeting time: the third Wednesday of the month at 3pm GMT/UTC. 'Next Meetings scheduled for:
    • Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 3:00 PM (15:00) UTC/GMT
    • Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 3:00 PM (15:00) UTC/GMT

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Working with GCC to revise OCMS auto-approve rules. Too many submissions are getting held up in the approval process.
  • Ongoing - Updated and monitored google form for tracking schwag requests and monitor OCMS for events that have requested schwag but not entered request into google form.
  • Ongoing - Work with Konik, Kate, Rocksport, Zazzle, Lulu, and other misc. vendors to fulfull merchandise and conference requests.

Upcoming Events

AppSec Europe Research - Global

  • Planning note: Weekly status calls between Sarah and Kostas (first call June 5) to go over action items for OWASP ops team and local team have been tremendously beneficial. This will be a recommended action item for Global AppSec Events moving forward.
  • Budget
  • Total Sponsorship - 19,425 Euros: Imperva, F5, Cigital, Trustwave(Global), Gotham Digital, Watson Hall, Census (Greek Company), BCC Risk, University of Athens.
  • Training enrollment update:
    • Colin Watson (1 day) and Dan Cornell (2 Day) Training courses cancelled due to low enrollment.
    • Eoin Keary & Jim Manico (1 Day) - 6
    • Dave Wichers (2 Days) - 11
    • Justin Searle (2 Days)- 17
  • Charles Henderson & David Byrne (2 Days)- 13
  • Conference Enrollment - 275

AppSec India - Regional

  • AppSec India website
  • Budget
  • Sponsors - Torrid, KPMG, invidia, Checkmarx
  • Expected attendance - 500+
  • Update - Sarah had status call with Nitin Saxena on June 27 and received the following updates:
    • Schedule of talks and training will be published in 5-6 days
    • Conference Planners hope to open registration in approx. 15 days, but need to open a bank account before they can open registration.
    • Nitin and Dhruv have been working with a local law firm to file the appropriate paperwork in India to form OWASP India as non-profit recognized in India. They went to court this week file this paperwork and hope to have an answer/confirmation soon. After they have the legal entity formed, they can open a bank account for OWASP India.

AppSec USA - Global

  • Budget
  • Sponsorships = $75,600 - Aspect Security (Gold), Trustwave (Global Silver) & Lanyard), IBM (Gold), Imperva (Gold and Badge), Cigital (Gold), Netspi (Gold), Qualys (Gold), Impact Security (Silver), Denim Group (Silver), Gemalto (Silver), and Falling Rock (website)
  • The OWASP AppSec USA 2012 Call for Papers (CFP) is also currently open with a deadline of August 10, 2012, but a limited number of first-cut selections made by after June 29, 2012.
  • CFT deadline was July 6 - Conference team is currently reviewing submissions and hopes to announce Training classes within next 2 weeks.
  • Registration (through Cvent) open and early early registration push (discounts to past attendee from Lascon and LY AppSec USA who registered before June 30 & early bird discount ending July 15) - 75 already registered

AppSec Latam - Global

  • Discussion with the Global Conferences Committee, the event planning teams in Argentina, Uruguay (submitted for AppSec Latam 2013), and AppSec Brazil (planned for 1 week after the Buenos Aires Event) regarding upcoming events in Latam Region. Due to increasingly problematic situation with foreign currency in Argentina, all groups reached an agreement (and GCC voted) to cancel event in Argentina and move to Montevideo, Uruguay for Latam 2012.
  • Brazil team will move forward with their regional event for the second week in Novemeber - details pending
  • Currently holding weekly planning call with Uruguay team (Tuesdays at 5pm UTC/GMT)
  • Venue and other logistical details to be finalized within the next week.

2013 Global Events


AppSec APAC 2013 approved for Jeju, South Korea - Feb 21 & 22, 2013

AppSec Europe

Q2 Projects

  • Conference Planning Table, Conference Timeline Overview
  • Working with Justin Searle to plan 8 stop APAC tour during the first 3 weeks of 2013
  • Finalizing relationship merchandise vendor for Europe/Middle East/Africa (located in Athens, used for AppSec Research merchandise)
  • Working on system for collecting/reporting conference training and talk feedback.

Other Activities

Resource Pages