Jim Manico

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What are your most notable accomplishments over the past three years as an OWASP contributor?

  • OWASP Podcast Series
  • OWASP Cheat Sheet Series
  • ESAPI Contributions
  • Manager for Java Encoder and HTML Sanitizer projects
  • OWASP Marketing/Evangelism
  • OWASP Mobile Project
  • Traveled to OWASP chapters all over the world (free training)

What are the most significant challenges OWASP is facing?

  • financial
  • keeping basic services running
  • vendor neutrality

If you become elected, what would the top three things be that you would focus on?

  • fundraising
  • expand membership (developers) - we can improve on expanding developer membership roles
  • content reorganization- increase quality and remove old content that is not pertinent or out of date - make OWASP more consumable

What do you want to do as a board member that you can't do as an OWASP leader or committee member?

  • As a board member I will have more opportunities to serve as an Ambassador for the organization.
  • One of a board members main roles is too maintain a vendor-neutral stance when representing OWASP.

How does your past experience relate to this position?

  • travel internationally speaking at 30+ OWASP chapters through much of Europe and the US
  • provide secure coding training as talks and free seminars emphasizing vendor neutral open source information
  • have had a chance to "hear out" and interface with OWASP members on a global scale
  • interaction with several OWASP projects and committees
  • Worked with or partnered with several existing board members