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==== Agenda ====
==== Agenda ====
[[File:02_Meucci_ OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf]]
[[File:03_Cavallini_OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf]]
[[File:04_Di Paola_ OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf]]
[[File:05_Intini_OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf]]

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OWASP Day for the Italian Public Administrations 2010

Creating an Application Security Community in the Public Adminstrations
9th November 2010 - Rome



Consip (htp://www.consip.it), in collaboration with OWASP Italian Chapter, will organize an event dedicated to Italian Public Administrations next 9th November 2010 to talk about Application Security and OWASP.
Consip is a Company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), working only for the Italian Public Adminstrations.
Specifically the event is called "Creating an Application Security Community in the Public Adminstrations".
The audience will be the CISO of all the Italian Ministries and Public Administrations.

To participate, please send an email to Corporate Identity Consip:

The seats available are 100 and will be evaluated in the order of reservation. In any case you will receive a return on the application submitted.


File:02 Meucci OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf File:03 Cavallini OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf File:04 Di Paola OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf File:05 Intini OWASP Day PA 2010.pdf

9:00 Registrazione
9.15 Introduzione all'evento
R. Flamini - Consip
9.30 Come valutare la maturità del proprio modello di sviluppo del software
M. Meucci - OWASP-Italy
10.00 La PA è in movimento: le proposte di Consip

M. Cavallini - Consip

10.30 Coffee break
10.45 Che succede se non chiediamo sicurezza?
S. Di Paola, OWASP-Italy
11.15 Il processo SDL in Microsoft: problematiche, vantaggi e risultati
F. Intini - Microsoft
11.45 Tavola rotonda con aziende italiane
Business-e, Engineering, Eustema, HP e Telecom - modera R. Flamini, Consip
12.30 Sessione di domande e risposte