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== OWASP Day for the Italian Public Administrations ==
== OWASP Day for the Italian Public Administrations ==
'''Application Security as engine for the E-Government"
'''Application Security as engine for the E-Government'''
                      5th November 2009
'''5th November 2009'''

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Back to the Italian Chapter

OWASP Day for the Italian Public Administrations

Application Security as engine for the E-Government 5th November 2009


Consip (htp://www.consip.it), in collaboration with OWASP Italian Chapter, is organizing an event for the next 5 November to talk about Application Security and OWASP. Consip is a Company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), working only for the Italian Public Adminstrations. Specifically the event is called "The Application Security as trigger for the Italian E-Government". The audience will be the CISO of all the Italian Ministries and Public Administrations.


9.30-9.45 Introduzione all'evento - Danilo Broggi, AD Consip

9.45-10.15 OWASP e gli standard per la sicurezza delle applicazioni - Matteo Meucci OWASP-Italy Chair,OWASP Testing Guide Lead

10.15-10.45 L'approccio di Consip alla sicurezza applicativa - Matteo Cavallini, Resp. Struttura Operativa Unità Locale Sicurezza MEF/Consip

10.45 – 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-11.30 How to start a software security initiative within your organization: a maturity based and metrics driven approach. - Marco Morana, TISO Citigroup

11.30-12.00 L'analisi di sicurezza delle applicazioni web: come realizzare un processo nella PA - Stefano Di Paola, R&D Director OWASP-Italy

12.00-12.30 Le nuove sfide per la sicurezza applicativa in scenari federati- Mario Fontana, Resp. Sicurezza Applicativa Microsoft Italia

12.30-13.00 La criminalità su Internet e la sicurezza applicativa - Tommaso Palumbo, Resp. CNAIPIC


The event is reserved only for invited people.
Auditorium di Via Rieti - Roma