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SSL Certificate Management

  • Installation and renewal of SSL certificates for OWASP servers

OWASP Domain Name Management

  • OWASP Foundation holds several renewable domain names. This position would require the cataloguing and maintenance of existing domain names, globally, and purchasing of new domain names as needed.

DNS Management

  • Adding, removing, or modifying entries for all domain names owned by the OWASP Foundation, primarily

OWASP Cloud Server Management

  • Web based administration of OWASP Foundation cloud server infrastructure
    • Cloud Server creation, backup, duplication, and deletion
    • Creating and checking status of support tickets submitted to OWASP Foundation's cloud provider
    • Account administration for all OWASP Foundation servers

Apache Server Administration

  • Installing and hardening Apache server installations
  • Managing modules and Apache configuration
  • Creating and configuring virtual hosts
  • Managing access to web servers

Mailman Administration

  • Installation, configuration, updating and backup of Mailman software and mail archives
  • Troubleshoot Mailman server issues

Spam Gateway Administration

  • Web based administration of OWASP anti-spam gateway from Barracuda
  • Troubleshoot anti-spam gateway issues

Wiki Administration

  • Provide guidance and appropriate access to wiki contractor
  • Maintain and update wiki software
  • Maintain full wiki database and content backups

Volunteer IT Coordination

  • Enabling volunteers to assist with IT initiatives

Google Apps Administration

  • Administration of Google platform
  • Configuration updates to Google Platform

Triage staff hardware/software issues

  • Hardware
    • Advice and consultation on equipment maintenance, replacement, and purchasing
  • Software
    • Consultation and advice on software issues for OWASP staff
    • Recommendation for software upgrades and systems

Bi-Annual IT Infrastructure Review

  • Provide updated report of all OWASP IT infrastructure to the OWASP Foundation Board of Directors based on the template including
    • Inventory of IT infrastructure
    • Review of all system account access to IT infrastructure
    • Identification and installation of necessary software updates to IT infrastructure