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- SSL Certs (management, installation, renewal)

- Domain Name(s) (management, provisioning)

- Akamai (Content Acceleration)

- Rackspace DNS

- Racksapce Virtual Hosting Control Panel

- Ubuntu OS Administration

- Apache Webserver Administration

- Mailman Administration

- *OCMS Administration

- Salesforce Administration

- Salesforce Development

- Regonline Administration

- GoogleApps and associated googleapps applications including administration of emails, groups, and related tasks

- Remote management of employee and contractors of OWASP Foundation via meet-me-now for remote administration and assistance as needed.

- Centralized repository of projects aka: Sourceforge

- Keep a centralized record of all system diagrams, operations and administrative password.

- Disaster Recovery of All Systems

- ** All other systems that come online to process, store OWASP Foundation business globally