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# Project Name,  
# Project Name,  
# Project Purpose,
# Project Purpose,
# Project License,
# Project Leader,  
# Project Leader,  
# Project Maintainer,  
# Project Maintainer,  
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# Release main features,
# Release main features,
# Release downloadable file link  
# Release downloadable file link  
# Release License,
# Release Leader,
# Release Leader,
# Release Contributor(s),
# Release Contributor(s),

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So you want to start a project...

Starting an OWASP Project is easy. You don't have to be an application security expert. You just have to have the drive and desire to make a contribution to the application security community.

Here are some of the guidelines for running a successful OWASP project:

  • The best OWASP projects are strategic - they make it easier to produce secure applications by filling a gap in the application security knowledge-base or technology support.
  • You can run a single person project, but it's usually best to get the community involved. You should be prepared to support a mailing list, build a team, speak at conferences, and promote your project.
  • You can contribute existing documents or tools to OWASP! Assuming you have the intellectual property rights to a work, you can open it to the world as an OWASP Project. Please coordinate this with OWASP by contacting owasp(at)owasp.org.
  • You should promote your project through the OWASP channels as well as by outside means. Get people to blog about it!

Creating a new project

Here's the simple process for starting a new OWASP Project.

  • Get the following information together:


  1. Project Name,
  2. Project Purpose,
  3. Project License,
  4. Project Leader,
  5. Project Maintainer,
  6. Project Contributor(s),
  7. Conference style presentation that describes the tool in at least 3 slides,
  8. Project Flyer/Pamphlet (PDF file),
  9. Project Roadmap,
  10. Project main links,


  1. Release Name,
  2. Release main features,
  3. Release downloadable file link
  4. Release Leader,
  5. Release Contributor(s),
  6. Release Reviewer,
  7. Release Mentor (if any),
  8. Release Sponsor(s) (if any),
  9. Release Flyer/Pamphlet,
  10. Release Roadmap,
  11. Release Main Links,
  • Note: For Project Leader, Maintainer, Contributors, Reviewer and Mentor please create a wiki accounts and please send me off the links. See Tutorial and here how to do it and here an example of how it will be used.
  • To get your project started, send the info above to the OWASP Global Projects Committee or the OWASP Project Manager directly. We'll review the information and get you set up with a project wiki page, a mailing list, and subscribe you to the OWASP-Leaders list. You'll be part of setting OWASP's direction!