How to Host an OWASP Projects Event Module/Roles and Responsibilities

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The OWASP Staff is available to help with any and all questions you have regarding the planning and execution of your event. OWASP Staff can also help provide historical conference/event information. OWASP Staff must be involved for handling contracts and finances related to your event. Volunteers should not be signing or entering into any contract on behalf of the foundation. Volunteers also should not be collecting funds on behalf of the Foundation without pre-approval from the OWASP Staff.

Contact the OWASP Staff with any questions related to their role in planning your event.

Local Event Planners

The local event planners are the individuals ultimately responsible for the successful planning, implementation, and execution of the event module. As these event activities are optional, the local event planners have to assess whether they have the necessary resources available to successfully plan one of these activities. Local planners can choose to delegate the project management of each activity to a volunteer, but it is ultimately up to them to make sure the event module is executed successfully. Local planners must also make sure that the OWASP brand is represented appropriately.

Event Module Coordinator

The local event planners might choose to appoint a volunteer Event Module Coordinator or an Event Activity Coordinator. These volunteers can be made responsible for the planning of the event module on behalf of the Local Event Planners. The volunteer will be responsible for the end to end project planning and management of the module for the event.

Event Module Volunteers

Event Module Volunteers are individuals made responsible for a particular role on the day of the event. They are to be given roles and responsibilities by the Event Module Coordinator, and are to report to this role with any questions, issues, or concerns. These volunteers are generally not involved in the pre-planning of the event modules.

OWASP Resources

Please remember that the foundation does have personnel who can help with the project event module planning. Please direct your questions to either the Contact Form or email OWASP Support.