How to Host an OWASP Projects Event Module/Planning

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Each event module requires a different planning timeline, and different planning activities. Some require more volunteer staff to run, while others require minimal planning from the local event planning team. Below is a brief outline of the activities required to successfully plan each event module.

Open Source Showcase

The Open Source Showcase (OSS) requires quite a bit of pre-planning. The local event planners have to allocate a room, or space in a room, to set up tables where each project will be demoed during the conference days. Typically, there are a handful of demos running at the same time in a room for the OSS. The number of demos running during a particular shift depends on the room capacity, and the amount of applicants received during the call for entries. Below is an example of how shifts and demos are typically broken down for the OSS.

Conference Day 1

Shift 1: 9AM - 1PM

  • Demo Project 1
  • Demo Project 2
  • Demo Project 3

Shift 2: 2PM - 6PM

  • Demo Project 4
  • Demo Project 5
  • Demo Project 6

Note: All projects found underneath each shift all demo at the same time on different tables. Local event planners should provide each project a table, a monitor, internet access, cables, and power outlet accessibility.

OWASP Projects Track

The OWASP Project Track (OPT) is an event module that takes the form of a series of talks that is open to OWASP Project Leaders only. It requires less planning than the OSS on the day of, but there are still logistics that need to be taken into account if you are to have this module at your event. The planning for this event starts off with a call for entries as you would with any other talk or training. You must then promote the event module as much as possible to ensure you have quality applicants. Once you have a good amount of applicants from our OWASP Project Leader pool, you can start selecting your participants for the OPT.

The OPT is meant to take place during either one or two conference days. This depends on the organization and availability of your unique event. On the day of the activity, you must ensure that each speaker has an allocated time slot to talk about their project, 2-3 water bottles, and IT support to help with any technical difficulties that may arise during the talk.

OWASP Project Leader Workshop

The OWASP Project Leader Workshop is a one to three hour module that brings Leaders together to discuss project related topics. The amount of time the workshop lasts depends on the requirements of the local event planners. There is a standard workshop that is given by the OWASP Projects Manager, and you are more thank welcome to reach out to her if you would like her to give the workshop at your event. The typical outline of the standard workshop involves a short talk about OWASP Project Operations, a series of activities, and discussion time. For any questions, direct them either to our contact form or email OWASP Support.

OWASP Project Summit

The OWASP Project Summit requires the most planning out of all of the project related event modules. The Project Summit gives project leaders an opportunity to showcase their project, and encourage event attendees to sit down and help work on project milestones. The OWASP Projects selected to participate in the Summit depends on the local event planner's space availability, budget, and project relevance. It is at the local event planner's discretion what OWASP Projects get selected to participate in the Summit.

Planning usually revolves around the coordination of travel arrangements for each OWASP Project Leader selected to participate in the Summit, and allocating a space for them to work without too many distractions during conference days. Local event planners can either use a Call for Entries form, or hand select OWASP Projects to be involved in the Summit. However, it is the responsibility of the local event planners to reach out to project leaders if OWASP Projects are hand selected to participate in this module.