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<div align="center"> [[Image:HackerHalted_468x60px.jpg|link= http://www.hackerhalted.com/2012/]]<br>
<div align="center"> [[Image:HackerHalted_468x60px.jpg|link=http://www.hackerhalted.com/2012/]]<br>

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About Hacker Halted USA 2012

The objective of this industry-leading information security conference series is to raise international awareness towards increased education and ethics in Information Security. This information security conference series covers in-depth topics into the development of security issues plaguing the world. Hacker Halted always feature many renowned subject matter experts and high-level speakers, as well as some of the best technology companies showcasing their products and services. Since 2004, Hacker Halted has been organized in many cities around the world, including Miami, Myrtle Beach, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Cairo, Taipei, Guangzhou and Tokyo, among others. For more information about Hacker Halted, please visit

Website: www.hackerhalted.com

Date: October 25-31, 2012

Venue: Intercontinental Miami, Florida

OWASP and Hacker Halted USA 2012

OWASP has partnered with Hacker Halted USA 2012 to provide OWASP members a 10% discount on conference registration. For more information and to take advantage of this offer, contact Sarah Baso.