Guidelines for OWASP Projects

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This is a DRAFT page still under review by the Global Projects Committee

Here are a few things to keep in mind for successfully running an OWASP Project.

Project wiki pages

  • When a new project is started, we will create a wiki page as the official homepage for your project. It will contain the [[Category:OWASP Project]] tag at the bottom. Please ensure this tag stays on your project homepage.
  • Project wiki pages will also be listed in the appropriate category on the OWASP Projects page, which means that, initially, until being assessed, it will be placed alphabetically within the ‘Alpha Status Projects’ category. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances (e.g. pre-established project being brought into OWASP), so contact the OWASP Global Projects Committee for more information.
  • We'll start your project homepage with a Project Identification template to capture the relevant meta-data that you already provided about your project. For example, the Live CD Project page contains the source code {{:Project Information:template Live CD 2008 Project}} and the template is automatically embedded on the project page.
  • You may move your Project Identification template anywhere you'd like (top/bottom of the page, to a separate tab, etc.) but please ensure it stays linked from your project's page.
  • Your project homepage belongs to your project and you are free to design it as you like. It's usually a good idea to include information about your project including detailed descriptions, screenshots, download links, a link to the project mailing list, contact information for the project leader, and any other relevant information.
  • You can have as many wiki pages as you want to support your project. Please feel free to create them yourself. Everything posted on the wiki is accessible by many people around the world.