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Draft - Mission Statement

Global Industry Advisory Board (GIAB)

The Global Industry Advisory Board was created in March 2013 as the successor to the Global Industry Committee. It's goals are to expand awareness of and promote the inclusion of software security best practices in Industry, Government, Academia and regulatory agencies and be a voice for industry. This will be accomplished through outreach; including presentations, development of position papers and collaborative efforts with other entities. The board is governed by the Global Industry Advisory Board Governance document.

Committee Members

Chair Until the board has been fully formally assembled and taken a formal on vote on its chair, the acting chair of the board is Tobias Gondrom.

Mailing List


Most of the activities of the board are conducted in virtual meetings and via email on the mailing-list. The Global Industry Advisory Board schedules conference call meetings of about an hour approximately every 4 weeks.

The next Global Industry Advisory Board meeting will be: March-29, 2013, 17:00 GMT

Global Meeting Time Planner - Click Here

Meeting agenda

  • CISO Guide
  • CISO Survey
  • Industry Table at AppSec US
  • industry bodies contacts?
  • ...?

Minutes of previous meetings are:


Membership explains how to become an OWASP organization supporter or individual member. But you don't have to be an OWASP Member or Committee Member to contribute.

The current GIAB members joined for a 12 month term - see Global Industry Advisory Board Governance. We would especially welcome new members who can widen our covered industry areas and geographic coverage (e.g. Africa, Asia and South America) and who have time to contribute proactively.

Current Activity

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