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About the Committee

The Global Conferences Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The primary purpose of this Global Conferences Committee is: determine location, frequency and to oversee and direct global conferences, speakers and training. The committee is governed by the Global Conferences Committee Governance document

Global Conference Committee Records

Mailing List | Archives

Committee meeting minutes - Committee Meeting minutes taken by the GCC Chair at each GCC meeting.

Global Conference Committee Policies - Authoritative source for all GCC passed Policies (data may be replicated elsewhere, however this page is the authoritative source)


How to Host a Conference - The comprehensive guide for hosting an OWASP event.

OWASP Registration System - Official OWASP Event registration system for ALL OWASP events (Conferences, Events and Chapter Meetings) email Kate Hartmann for access

AppSec Sample Conference Wiki Page - Sample Wiki page code for hosting an event

2011 Goals

2011 Comprehensive Committee Plan | 2010 Plan

  1. Have a Global Appsec in NA, SA, EU, Asia in 2011
  2. Promote OWASP Projects/Initiatives at OWASP Conferences
  3. Enhance Services for Conference Planners
  4. Reach out to developers (have 20% of attendees in a dev position)
  5. Reach out to non-members (have 70% of attendees at cons non-members)
  6. Bring more into the fold (Generate 300 new/renewed members at conferences)
  7. Streamline Sponsorships (Global Conference Sponsors, Targeted Conference Sponsors)
  8. Revise GCC Governance
  9. Have a profit of $200k in 2011 across all conferences

Major Initiatives

Initiative Priority Associated Goals Description Status Deadline Assignees
Revise GCC Governance 1 8 Generate self governance document for voting rules, quorum and other functional committee requirements Complete - Global Conferences Committee Governance January 2011 All Committee Members
OWASP Conference management system 1 1, 3 Develop a system to take in applications for all non-chapter meeting events, vet them, and schedule them. This system shall serve as the "official" registration path for all events and allow the GCC to get a firm grip on the OWASP Event Calendar. In Development Beta - 1/15/2011
Release - 1/31/2011
Mark (Code), Lucas & Neil (Alpha Testing, Requirements)

Monthly Report

Date of last update: 2010-07-10 Updated by: Mark Bristow

Accomplishments for this Month

Planned for Next Month