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'''The Global Conferences Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008.  The primary purpose of this Global Conferences Committee is: determine location, frequency and to oversee and direct global conferences, speakers and training.'''
#REDIRECT [[Global Conferences Committee/]]
[[Committee 2010 Plan]]
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• [mailto:wayne@armorize.com Wayne Huang] (Taiwan)
• [mailto:dhruv.soi@owasp.org Dhruv Soi] (India)
• [mailto:mark.bristow@owasp.org Mark Bristow] (U.S, Chair)
• [mailto:john.wilander@owasp.org John Wilander] (Sweden)
• [mailto:lucas.ferreira@owasp.org Lucas Ferreira] (Brazil)
= Monthly Report Format =
Date of last update:
Updated by:
Accomplishments for this Month
Planned for Next Month
Additional information on [[How to Host a Conference]]
Committee meeting minutes can be found on the [https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/leaf?id=0B8FE6Oyqbn2cN2JlMmM4ZDAtODVhMC00YzJhLTg0ODAtN2IzMzRmMzhmMThj&hl=en GCC Google Docs Share]
[http://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/global_conference_committee Join our mailing list]
== Deliverables & Tasks<font color="red">'''(DRAFT)'''</font> ==
Below you can find the timeline of tasks, deliverables and objectives the committee has.
{| class="prettytable"
! Task
! Deadline
! Type
! Status
! Description
! Who
| Establish standard Guidelines for conference chairs to follow when planning events - "how to host a conference"
| A.S.A.P (March 14)
| Wiki
| Ongoing
| Update the Wiki "How to host a conference" page to reflect practical instructions for chapter leads and conference coordinators to follow when planning an event.  This must include timelines and budget.
| All (Mark/Budget, Dhruv/sponsorship, Steve/speaker, Wayne/venue)
| Budget package
| March 31
| .xls
| In Process, Alpha Release
| Create an .xls worksheet for conference planners for budgeting.  Budgets for events need to be submitted prior to the foundation approval.  [[Conference Budget Planning Tool]]
| Mark
| Sponsorship Package
| March 20
| Document
| In Progress
| Update and modify the OWASP standard sponsorship offerings.  (i.e. sponsorship levels and benefits)  This document can be converted to a PDF file to be used by all conference planners to submit to potential sponsors for their event.  Document will list benefits of all sponsorship levels to ensure consistance and ease of event planning (tech expo, vendors, etc)
| Wayne
| Speaker Pool
| March 27
| Wiki
| In Progress
| Identify conference speakers and develop library or list of availability.  Previous speakers will have submitted slides and presentation decks from talks [[Call for papers]] and [[Call for training]]
| Steve
| Contract Negotiation Guidelines
| March 27
| Wiki
| In Progress
| Establish key contract points for conference planners to negotiate when setting up the contract with the venue.  This will include food, video, space, security, times, projection, etc)
| Dhruv
| Conference planning tool
| April 30
| Global
| In Progress
| Review effectiveness of current conference registration tool (Cvent) and explore options for 2010.  Recommend to Board a plan for transition in May Board meeting.
| Kate with input from all
Other people who have taken active roles in Global OWASP Conferences in the past
USA: [mailto:dave.wichers@owasp.org Dave Wichers], Aspect Security
USA: [mailto:tomb@owasp.org Tom Brennan], OWASP Foundation
USA: [mailto:kate.hartmann@owasp.org Kate Hartmann], OWASP Foundation
USA: [mailto:mark.bristow@owasp.org Mark Bristow], Securicon
Europe: [mailto:seba@owasp.org Sebastien Deleersnyder], Telindus
Europe Refereed Papers Chair: [mailto:frank.piessens@cs.kuleuven.ac.be Frank Piessens], KU Leuven
Europe 2010 Sweden: [mailto:John.Wilander@omegapoint.se John Wilander], Omegapoint
Israel: [mailto:ofers@breach.com Ofer Shezaf], Breach Security
India Co-Chairs: [mailto:dhruv.soi@owasp.org Dhruv Soi], Torrid Networks and  [mailto:puneet.mehta@owasp.org Puneet Mehta], SDG Corp
Taiwan: [mailto:wayne.armorize@gmail.com Wayne Huang], Armorize

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