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[https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=truesrcid=0B5Z9zE0hx0LNMDllMjA3YzctNzdiZi00ZjdhLTljYjctMTQ4OTM2YzQ3Yjdm&hl=en 2011 Global Sponsorship doc] -- Google doc
[https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=truesrcid=0B5Z9zE0hx0LNMDllMjA3YzctNzdiZi00ZjdhLTljYjctMTQ4OTM2YzQ3Yjdm&hl=en 2011 Global Sponsorship doc] -- Google doc
[[Media:OWASP_Global_Conference_Sponsorships_FINAL.pdf|2011 Global Sponsorship doc]] - PDF
[[Media:OWASP_Global_Conference_Sponsorships_FINAL.pdf|2011 Global Sponsorship doc]] - PDF

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About the Committee

The Global Conferences Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The Global Conferences Committee exists to coordinate and facilitate OWASP conferences and events worldwide. The committee is governed by the Global Conferences Committee Governance document

Operational Support: Sarah Baso

Next Meeting

Date: Monday April 11, 2011

Time: 5:00pm/17:00 GMT

Dial in: 1-866-534-4754 code:42398

Planner Resources

How to Host a Conference - The comprehensive guide for hosting an OWASP event.

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2011 Goals

2011 Comprehensive Committee Plan | 2010 Plan

  1. Have a Global Appsec in NA, SA, EU, Asia in 2011
  2. Promote OWASP Projects/Initiatives at OWASP Conferences
  3. Enhance Services for Conference Planners
  4. Reach out to developers (have 20% of attendees in a dev position)
  5. Reach out to non-members (have 70% of attendees at cons non-members)
  6. Bring more into the fold (Generate 300 new/renewed members at conferences)
  7. Streamline Sponsorships (Global Conference Sponsors, Targeted Conference Sponsors)
  8. Revise GCC Governance
  9. Have a profit of $200k in 2011 across all conferences

Major Initiatives

Initiative Priority Associated Goals Description Status Deadline Assignees
Revise GCC Governance 1 8 Generate self governance document for voting rules, quorum and other functional committee requirements Complete - Global Conferences Committee Governance January 2011 All Committee Members
OWASP Conference Management System (help) 1 1, 3 Develop a system to take in applications for all non-chapter meeting events, vet them, and schedule them. This system shall serve as the "official" registration path for all events and allow the GCC to get a firm grip on the OWASP Event Calendar. Preparing for Release Release - 3/5/2011 Mark (Code), Lucas & Neil (Alpha Testing, Requirements)
OWASP Global Conference Sponsors 2 3, 7 Provide unified sponsorship mechanism for all Global AppSec conferences. This will help us plan our conference revenue annually and help sponsors plan for their spending (identified as an issue by several vendors). This is intended to augment, not replace individual conference sponsorships. Released 2011 Global Sponsorship Packages Feb 2011 Richard, All Review
OWASP AppSec Track 3 2 Joint venture with the GPC. The track would consist of a cadre (10-20) of speakers from inew/high profile OWASP projects. The GCC would manage these speakers through an internal call for papers that would be vetted by the GCC/GPC for some of our best speakers from high profile projects. As a new conference requests an OWASP Speaking track (or for Global AppSec conferences, this will be required) the GCC would reach out to the selected presenters to verify their availability for the event and provide a list of 6-7 speakers to the local event coordinators for the schedule. Planning for AppSecUSA release in Sept. June 2011 Ralph
OWASP Marketing at Conferences 3 4,5,6 Promote OWASP at targeted industry and developer events. Provide OWASP support and schwag for OWASP booths at other conferences Applications accepted via OCMS In progress Mark
OWASP Conference Marketing - Attendees 3 4,5,6 Provide additional mechanisms for marketing conferences to attendees None TBD Neil
OWASP Conference Marketing - Sponsors 3 4,5,6 Provide additional mechanisms for marketing conferences to Sponsors None TBD Neil, Richard
Conference Web Marketing 4 3 Obtain Twitter accounts, domain names, and @owasp.org email addresses for use by approved conferences. See Global Conference Resources Complete Complete Mark
Central Conference Support Services 4 3 RegOnline is setup. Investigate costs for hiring a conference organizer. RegOnline - Complete
Conference Organizer - Investigate
OWASP Short URLS 5 3 Provide short URLs on the OWASP website (e.g. https://owasp.org/AppSecBR) to make it easier to access content on the wiki, especially in emails and the like Need to investigate with Larry TBD Ralph
Regional targeted mailing lists 5 3 Provide email lists for targeted, regional email distributions. Only GlobalAppSec conferences will be advertised on OWASP-ALL Need to investigate leveraging Salesforce for this. TBD Ralph
OWASP Merchandise Model 6 3,9 Provide OWASP Merchandise for sale at conferences May be a bit OBE as Kate has established something similar already. May just need an "inventory" we can send places. TBD None

Committee Policies

If you have questions or require an exception to any of these please contact the OWASP Staff.  

Comprehensive tracking of committee votes was not started until January 2011, policies with an NA entered into the "votes" column were conducted before this policy was implemented. Although the Global Conference Committee was retired effective April 1, 2013, the policies established by the committee remain in full effect.

Policy Rationale Last Updated Applicability Votes
All content must be vendor neutral OWASP Core Value N/A All Events - Core Value N/A
All content must be made available to the public after the conference OWASP Core Value N/A All Events - Core Value N/A
All calls for papers, training and registration must be open to the public OWASP Core Value N/A All Events - Core Value N/A
All events must be conducted in a manner consistent with the OWASP Mission, Principles and Code of Ethics OWASP Core Value N/A All Events - Core Value N/A
OWASP Event Definitions These definitions were established to define the different categories of OWASP events to support OWASP GCC Planning and Policies. 2010/12/22 All Events Vote Thread
OWASP Event Requirements These definitions were established to define requirements imposed on individual events by type. N/A All Events N/A
Local host chapters will share in OWASP event profits under the following schedule. In the case of multiple host chapters, the host chapters will be responsible for determining the division before the event. Policy Document
  • Global AppSec Conference - 10% of event profits up to Profit Goal set in annual Foundation Budget ($10,000 for multi-chapter events), 40 % of event profits in excess of Profit Goal. No profit cap.
  • Local and Regional Events - 90% of event profits. No profit cap.
In addition to the Membership Committee membership split that provides funds to local chapters, it is also appropriate to allow local chapters to leverage the hard work that goes into planning events as additional revenue streams. The board considered weighing the needs of the OWASP Foundation, Local Chapters entrepreneurship, the desire not to create "haves and have not" chapters within OWASP in addition to many other factors when setting this policy. 2014/09/26 All Events Board Voting Record
All Events must be coordinated with the Global Conferences Committee and receive their approval These ensures coordination of event schedules, content and budget priorities N/A All Events N/A
Events must have an OWASP Wiki Page The Wiki remains the authoritative source of OWASP information N/A All Events N/A
Only OWASP Board members or their designates may enter into contracts on behalf of the foundation Required by the OWASP By-Laws N/A All Events N/A
All finances must be handled by the OWASP Foundation unless exceptions are granted by the Global Conferences Committee This ensures the central management of Foundation resources for activities occurring under the OWASP Brand N/A All Events N/A
Free admission should be made available for OWASP Leaders, Committee and Board members OWASP Board Decision N/A All Events N/A
OWASP individual members in good standing shall receive $50 off admission to all OWASP events charging more than $50 entry fee. OWASP Membership Perk N/A All Events N/A
A complete budget must be submitted and approved by the Global Conferences Committee It is the responsibility of the Global Conferences Committee to ensure that OWASP Foundation resources are appropriately managed as it relates to OWASP conferences. This requirement ensures GCC visibility into conference expenditures and allows the GCC to assist where appropriate. N/A Regional/Theme Conferences N/A
A board member must be present at all OWASP AppSec and Regional Conferences to provide a welcoming statement OWASP Board Decision N/A Regional/Theme Conferences N/A
Global AppSec Conferences must include training As the flagship events for OWASP Global AppSec Conferences must also have a training component. N/A Global AppSec Conferences N/A
Global AppSec Conferences must charge an admission fee Global AppSec Conferences are large expenditures for the OWASP foundation. In order to ensure that the foundation can recover some or all of these costs, an admission fee must be charged. N/A Global AppSec Conferences N/A
Sessions must be recorded and posted to the public after the conference As the flagship events for OWASP Global AppSec Conferences must also provide video coverage and post it post conference. See the [Global Conference Resources] for information on additional resources. N/A Global AppSec Conferences N/A
There must be at least one networking event at the conference As the flagship events for OWASP Global AppSec Conferences must have a networking event. N/A Global AppSec Conferences N/A
All Training providers are required to sign a Training Instructor Agreement Clearly outline responsibilities and provide some legal cover for the foundation. N/A Training N/A
Training revenue will be split 60/40 (OWASP/Training Provider) GCC has set what it considers a fair policy in order to share training profits with training providers N/A Training N/A
Free training should be made available for OWASP Leaders. This must be included in the Training Instructor Agreement Board Policy N/A Training N/A
Speakers must sign a Speaker Agreement The allows OWASP to use the speaker's materials as well as their likeness as well as set some boundaries for content. Electronic signatures are permissible. N/A Speakers N/A
Speakers will not receive compensation for their speaking engagement This policy allows OWASP to keep admissions costs low so that OWASP can help spread knowledge of application security issues to the widest audience. Exceptions to this policy may be granted in certain cases so contact the Global Conferences Committee if you need an exception. N/A Speakers N/A

GCC Records

Committee Records

Mailing List | Archives - Official Global Conferences Committee Mailing list. Used for all GCC communications and meeting announcements.

Global Conference Committee Budget

Committee meeting minutes - Committee Meeting minutes taken by the GCC Chair at each GCC meeting.

2011 Global Sponsorship doc -- Google doc

2011 Global Sponsorship doc - PDF

Contracts/Partnership agreement archive