Global Committee Budgets/2011

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General Information

This page is meant to give the current status of all Global Committee Budgets for 2011. Click on the budget links to view more details on previous and anticipated expenditures.

Global Chapters Committee

  • 2011 Chapters Committee Budget - as of 2-October-2011: $27,392.39 of $50,000 remaining ($22,607.61 spent). Note: $10,000 allocated to "Student Chapters" in remaining chapter funds is available for use by GEC for student/university chapters initiative.

Global Conferences Committee

Global Connections Committee

  • No budget currently requested/approved

Global Education Committee

  • No budget currently requested/approved

Global Industry Committee

Global Membership Committee

  • $5k requested (by Kate) and approved for Operational Support (Kelly SantaLucia)
  • No budget currently requested by GMC

Global Projects Committee