Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/September 2011

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Global Chapters Committee monthly meeting August 2011

Meeting Information


  • 15-September-2011, 19h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 1-866-645-3167 OR 816-423-4241, Participant Code: 8656478
  • 16-September-2011, 14h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 1-866-534-4754, Code: "OWASP" (69277), Skype sarah.baso to connect to US bridge line


  • 2012 Budget - Planning for board & committee chair budget meeting at AppSec USA. 2011 Budget

  • Chapter Handbook updates - proposed working session (separate from Chapter workshop) for actual drafting of document. Open to leaders in attendance and requested of leaders that we sponsor to attend. Goal to have new handbook finished by Nov. 1.

  • Chapter leader workshops at ApppSec USA and AppSec LATAM, and AppSec Asia


September 2011 Meeting Minutes