Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/June 2011

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Global Chapters Committee monthly meeting June 2011

Meeting Information


  • 9-May-2011, 19h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 1-866-645-3167 OR 816-423-4241, Participant Code: 8656478
  • 10-May-2011, 14h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 1-866-534-4754, Code: "OWASP" (69277), Skype sarah.baso to connect to US bridge line

Roll Call


  • Tin Zaw (TZ) 20-June
  • Seba Deleersnyder (SD) 20-June
  • Sarah Baso (SB) 20-June


  • Kate Hartmann (KH)
  • Mandeep Khera (MK)
  • L. Gustavo C. Barbato (GB)
  • Andrew van der Stock (AV)
  • Puneet Mehta (PM)
  • Matthew Chalmers (MC)


  • Updates from the board meeting in particular:
    • Update on chapter finances, and
    • Update on local conference policy
  • Updates on European foundation
  • Chapter leader workshops at ApppSec USA and LATAM
  • Chapter handbook updates


Monday, 20 June

Updates from the June Board Meeting

OWASP European Foundation

Chapters Workshops Global AppSec Conferences

Chapter Handbook Updates


Tuesday, 21 June

Action points:

ID Action Point Responsible Timing Status
1 Review/Comment on MT's "How to Budget" document All Committee Members By June 6 board meeting
2 Follow up and report to committee on inactive chapters Sarah Baso June GCC meeting
3 Reorg of local chapter home page Sarah Baso ASAP
4 Email North American Chapter Leaders about chapter workshop for AppSec USA Tin Zaw
5 Post June Chapter Committee Meeting Minutes Sarah Baso