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Meeting Notes from Global Chapter Meeting Conference Call: January 30th 2009 (All Chapter Committee Members in attendance)

Initial meeting and discussion of chapter. Objective was quick introductions and then to go through the list of goals/direction to be set for the committee, and start to formulate a plan on how to achieve this. Outcomes was to update the wiki with the details and strategy online.

General Items 1. We should examine the working of the education global committee

2. Need to create a list of tasks and owners on the Wiki

3. Pick the brains of successful chapter committees.

4. Survey for chapter leaders (Justin)

5. Google Docs for managing this info (whatever is not yet suitable for the Wiki) (Seba to provide invitations).

Chapters handbook 1. mission and vision (Justin)

       a.      Provide a straw man ASAP, preferably before the upcoming board meeting.

1. Conflict of interest (Justin)

       a.      Will discuss proper disclosure
       b.      We can pull ideas from the speaker agreement.
       c.       We should consider penalties for wrong doers, for example publishing the issue so chapters would be discouraged from having the offending vendor as a speaker.

2. Starting, measuring and closing (Ofer)

       a.      New chapter leaders will have a trial period.
       b.      Metrics may include: 
               i.      Locals in projects
               ii.      People in meetings
               iii.      Members
               iv.      Meetings
               v.      Translation of literature
               vi.      Presentations to other enterprises.

3. Operations (Puneet)

       a.      CPEs procedure

4. Marketing (Chapter not appearing in Puneet’s original draft)

       a.      How to make a chapter successful
       b.      Membership drive
       c.       OWASP branding
       d.      Marketing Web App Sec
       e.      Services chapters need from OWASP (freebies for example)