Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/2010-12

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Minutes Global Chapters Committee monthly meeting Dec-2010


Date: 30-Dec-2010, 20h00 UTC per Skype call


  • Andrew van der Stock (AV)
  • Tin Zaw (TZ)
  • L. Gustavo C. Barbato (GB)
  • Kate Hartmann (KH)
  • Seba Deleersnyder (SD)


  • Mandeep Khera (MK)
  • Puneet Mehta (PM)
  • Matthew Chalmers (MC)
  • Dave Wichers (current board representative)


Minutes: • Global Chapters Committee Governance has been drafted, based on the conference committee governance template. Action for everybody to review and propose any amendments by the next monthly meeting when it is up for vote. • There are currently 2 candidates for the committee chair: Tin and Andrew. Action for the candidates and other potential candidates to propose an action plan for the committee and 'campaign their candidacy' for the next monthly meeting where the chair will be voted for 2011. • The number of people on the committee was discussed. The committee still needs some more members to achieve regional coverage and have critical mass to move forward. Action point for Kate to provide feedback on contacted leaders (see last meeting action points) • One important metric is to track the number of active and inactive chapters. We will find out the last status as a result of the survey launched by Tom (see xxx). Action points are to track the responses and contact chapter leaders of chapters that have not yet answered in the coming weeks. • Two new chapter tools have been released, OWASP Gear and regonline registration system with membership links. Action point to update the chapter handbook with these tools. • The creation of a separate mailing list for chapter leaders was discussed. This is an action point for Kate, after all the chapter leader contacts have been collected. To be announced by the next monthly meeting. • The creation of regional mailing lists was discussed. For some regions this makes sense, for other regions this can be politically sensitive. It was decided to create regional mailing lists 'on-request', bottom-up (e.g. For Australia). • The creation of a new survey was discussed, but there is the outcome of the survey from 2009 (action point: share this with the committee). And the survey from Tom will be valuable input. • Based on the life-cycle of a chapter a FAQ on chapter best practices can be created with pointers into the chapter leader handbook. Action to start this. • A regular timing has to be fixed for the monthly meetings. One idea is to shift the meeting time in even and odd months, so committee members can at least attend one in two meetings during their day time. Action to set up a mail thread to discuss the options. • SD has started a workshop stub for the Summit on chapters. Action for everybody to prepare and participate on-site or remotely.