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Global Chapter Committee

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The Global Chapter Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The primary purpose of the Global Chapter Committee is: To provide the support required at the local level to accomplish the overall mission and goals of OWASP.

Mission Statement

To provide the support required at the local level to accomplish the overall mission and goals of the association.

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Committee Members

Chapter Committee Board Member Rep: Seba (EU)

Committee Objectives

  • Define what a chapter is and its role in strengthening the OWASP initiatives and future goals
  • Identify the current state of Chapters- number of Chapters Vs active chapters
  • Define a clear and transparent guidelines of chapter Governance aligned with OWASP goals, including:
    • Start a new chapter or becoming a chapter leader
    • Chapter operation boundaries & Rules
    • Duties & responsibilities of a chapter leader
    • Managing regional and local level
    • Resolving conflict of interests.
    • Performance measurement metrics and minimal
  • Work closely with Global Membership Committee to incorporate the member benefits that enables the chapter to attract more memberships.
  • Work with Education Committee to promote OWASP projects as educational tools.

Scheduled Meetings

The Global Chapter Committee Meetings take place via Skype each last Tuesday of the month, see below for the local time: 
         11:00 a.m. @ Milwaukee
         12:00 p.m. @ New York
          6:00 p.m. @ Belgium
          7:00 p.m. @ Israel
         11:30 p.m  @ India

Previous meeting notes

If you wish to join a discussion please email one of the committee members.

Committee Projects

Project Dates Status Description Owner
Chapter Survey In Progress Create a survey to be sent to every chapter leader globally, asking them about the chapter, OWASP and what they need/want in the regions. Matthew Chalmers
Chapter Handbook Outline: July 2009

Full: Dec 2009

Document This is a core deliverable and will contain everything required to run a chapter successfully for OWASP. It will include guidelines, marketing, agreements etc. Ofer Shezaf
Mentor Program In Progress Provide leadership and guidance to new or reestablished chapter and chapter leaders. Kate Hartman
Leaders Podcast Idea Stage Provide an easy to consume audio alternative to the handbook. Not assigned
Chapter Governance Idea Stage Differentiate between "special interest groups" with light rules and chapters with a more formal governance Not assigned