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The Global Chapter Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The primary purpose of the Global Chapter Committee is: Provide support and guidance on regional and global issues.

Mission: To provide the support required at the local level to accomplish the overll mission and goals of the association

Committee 2009 Plan

Committee Goals & Objectives

 To define what a chapter is and its role in strengthening the OWASP initiatives and future goals

 Identify the current state of Chapters- number of Chapters Vs active chapters

 Define a clear and transparent process of chapter Governance at regional and local level

 Develop Chapter Handbook that clearly defines the following

o Guidelines to start a new chapter / become a chapter leader

o Conflict of interest statement.

o Chapter closure –Guidelines

o Chapter operation boundaries & Rules

o Duties & Responsibilities of a chapter leader

o The performance measurement metrics

o Different Metrics reporting templates

 Align chapter objectives with the OWASP Goals.

 Work closely with Global Membership Committee to incorporate the member benefits that enables the chapter to attract more memberships.

 Work with Education Committee to promote OWASP projects as educational tools.

Global Chapters Committee (Board Member Rep: Seba)

OWASP Employee: Kate Hartman

Kate Hartmann (U.S.)

Puneet Mehta (India)

Ofer Shezaf (Israel)

Justin Derry (A.U.)

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