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The Global Chapter Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The primary purpose of the Global Chapter Committee is: Provide support and guidance on regional and global issues.

Mission Statement

To provide the support required at the local level to accomplish the overll mission and goals of the association

Committee Members

Chapter Committee Board Member Rep: Seba (EU)

Committee 2009 Plan

Committee Goals & Objectives

 To define what a chapter is and its role in strengthening the OWASP initiatives and future goals

 Identify the current state of Chapters- number of Chapters Vs active chapters

 Define a clear and transparent process of chapter Governance at regional and local level

 Develop Chapter Handbook that clearly defines the following

o Guidelines to start a new chapter / become a chapter leader

o Conflict of interest statement.

o Chapter closure –Guidelines

o Chapter operation boundaries & Rules

o Duties & Responsibilities of a chapter leader

o The performance measurement metrics

o Different Metrics reporting templates

 Align chapter objectives with the OWASP Goals.

 Work closely with Global Membership Committee to incorporate the member benefits that enables the chapter to attract more memberships.

 Work with Education Committee to promote OWASP projects as educational tools.<

Scheduled Meetings

The Global Chapter Committee Meetings take place via Skype, see below for the local time: 
         7:00 a.m. @ New York 
         1:00 p.m. @ Belgium
         2:00 p.m. @ Israel
         5:30 p.m  @ India
        22:00 p.m. @ Australia

Next meeting(s) scheduled for:

(Scheduled for every two weeks currently) If you wish to join a discussion please email one of the committee members.

Deliverables & Tasks(DRAFT)

Below you can find the timeline of tasks, deliverables and objectives the committee has.

Task Deadline Type Status Description Who
Wiki Update A.S.A.P (Feb 3rd 09) Wiki In Progress Update the Wiki with the Strawman of meeting notes, strategy objectives, tasks and plan as laid out in the conference call with the committee members. Justin
Global Chapter Survey 2009 End Q1 09 Survey Planning Create a Survey to be sent to every chapter leader globally, asking them about the chapter, OWASP and what they need/want in the regions. Justin
Chapter Handbook End Q2 09 (Draft) Document Planning This is a core deliverable and will contain everything required to run a chapter successfully for OWASP. It will include guidelines, marketing, agreements etc. (See Below for further details) All Committee
Chapter Marketing 2009 Plan/Roadmap Planning Identify and document key objectives for marketing OWASP within each region through the local chapters. Provide details on what support is available to local chapters for marketing in their regions. TBD
How to make a successful Chapter Q3 2009 Whitepaper Planning The begining of a series of whitepapers that explains how others have made OWASP chapters successful, and what works and doesn't work. These are provided to existing and new chapter leaders to help with local planning of chapters. Puneet
Chapter Agreements Q3 2009 Documents Planning Chapter Agreements are used for when speakers attend local chapters to talk or other types of formal duties take place. A number of default templates will be created (or existing ones reviewed and updated) and will be available for all chapter leaders. TBD

Chapter Proposal/Plan 2009

The following details summarizes each of the proposed deliverables and objectives for 2009. Information here will be updated by the committee as it becomes available.

Global Chapter Survey 2009

The Global Chapter survey will be performed in the first quarter of 2009. The objective of this survey is to communicate abroad with all the chapter leaders on topics of concern and where they need help. The survey will also go into depth on "what works" and what doesn't work so we can share knowledge between all the chapter leaders.

The survey will probably be completed through survey monkey or similar online format, were we can also make the results available to everyone. The survey should take a chapter leader no longer then 15-20 minutes to complete. Questions will be prepared and reviewed by Mid March 2009, with the survey being released in Late march. It is expected that all chapter leaders will have approximately 7 days to complete and return.

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