GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20110118

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Dan Cornell

Michael Coates

Kate Hartmann

Tony UV

Membership Status



  • Finalizing discussion topics for the Summit in Portugal in February (See above)
    • Reaching out to other organizations for exposure, reaching devs, etc <-- Summit Discussion Topic
    • Developers registration code 40% cut to membership committee <-- Summit Discussion Topic
    • Operating budget for going to events & advertising <-- Summit Discussion Topic
    • Membership survey for new & existing members <-- Summit Discussion Topic
    • Formally move approved membership model to owasp front page and create PR material <-- Summit Discussion Topic

Status Old Action Items

  • Figure out coupon code
  • Finish Emails for regonline
  • Regonline - register now - membership website within regonline

Action Items

  • KATE: Create new member survey with 3 questions for new members (What should OWASP start doing, keep doing, stop doing?)