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Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Michael Coates

Kate Hartmann

Stephen Craig Evans


Dan Cornell

Sebastien Deleersnyder

Membership Status

May 2010 Numbers

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 974

New Memberships in May: 57

Renewals in May: 13

Lost memberships in May (did not renew): 47

May Income from Individual Memberships: $3,500

Portion allocated to local chapters: $1,180

May Profit from Individual Memberships: $2320

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 34

New Memberships in May: 3 (Promon, Trustwave, Gemalto)

Renewals in May: 0

Lost memberships in May (did not renew): 2 (PegaSystems & Imperva)

May Income from Corporate Memberships: $15,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $4,000

May Profit from Corporate Memberships: $11,000

Total Profit for May: $13,320


  • Review membership numbers
  • Review Outstanding Action Items
  • Membership Kit Status
  • Status: Sending Top 10 Books to corp members
  • Status: Contacting corp members
  • Funds - Is membership model preventing Season of Code?
 Email Snippet:
   4. Are we planning any future seasons of code? It may just be me, but it
   seemed that the 08 SoC made lots of things happen for OWASP. Since then
   things have seemed a bit slow.
 The concept of Seasons of Code is currently on hold, due to:
 1) need to complete the reorganization and mapping of ALL OWASP project under the new 'Project Information' tab and 'Template Driven Wiki pages' (we need help)
 2) focus to move the (limited) OWASP financial resources from paying OWASP Leaders (which is a VERY complicated issue) to providing logistical & operational resources to those projects and leaders
 3) lack of funds (OWASP due to the recession, new membership model and some losses at OWASP Conferences; is still in a not very strong financial position)
  • Update on Action Items
    • ACTION ITEM: SEBA - Follow up with connection committee to see if they are contacting other security conferences for OWASP involvement
    • ACTION ITEM: SEBA Follow up with Google
    • ACTION ITEM: DAN Follow up with Facebook


  • Kate took sales force training and thinks this will be helpful for managing owasp membership
  • Imperva update: Likely will renew. Kate is working with contact point. Interest in bundling several things
  • Interest is growing in a bundled approach. Kate will ask to corporate supporters what they think and will email list.
  • Kate will contact PegaSystems next week.
  • Status: Top 10 Books - Kate has vendor who can print books. Needs to know what cover to use. Bulk print discount on books and then add cover in smaller increments. - 50 copies
    • Book Creation Steps:
    • Print "Guts"
    • Print "Cover"
    • Assemble books
  • Kate will Print Annual Report too - 50 copies
  • Need to send email to all corp supporters before next meeting. Kate can forward an example message.
  • Financial Update: Big hit last year from conferences. Membership money changes - increase in corp members, increase in # of members (200->950), decrease in membership cost ($100->$50), decrease in amount to OWASP foundation (40% goes to local chapter). Overall membership not bringing in much extra