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Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Michael Coates

Dan Cornell

Sebastien Deleersnyder


Stephen Craig Evans

Kate Hartmann

Membership Status

March 2010 Numbers

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 927

New Memberships in March: 67

Renewals in March: 13

Lost memberships in March (did not renew): 54

March Income from Individual Memberships: $4000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $1340

March Profit from Individual Memberships: $2660

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 32

New Memberships in March: 0

Renewals in March: 4 (BAH, Cigital, Symantec, Fishnet)

Lost memberships in March (did not renew): 1 (Breach)

March Income from Corporate Memberships: $20,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $2,000

March Profit from Corporate Memberships: $18,000


  • Review membership numbers
  • Discuss membership kits see April Board Minutes
  • Corporate Membership Kit
    • Tangible benefit/reminder of OWASP
    • Quarterly OWASP Book
    • Printed Newsletter
    • OWASP T-Shirt
  • Corporate "gold" bundle membership
    • Discussed during OWASP DC
  • OWASP Presence at Security Conferences
    • Are we visible? (blackhat, secwest, hack in the box, Shmoocon, etc)
  • More outreach to chapter leadership, project leadership
  • New membership drive


  • Membership Status
    • Yay, almost 1000 members
    • New membership drive push
  • Membership Kits
    • Agreed that membership kits would be modified as follows to minimize cost
      • Memberhip kit will only contain an OWASP T-Shirt
      • An electronic copy of the membership card and certificate will be e-mail'ed to the member
      • For memberships created as a result of conference registration the user will receive their t-shirt at the conference. This will minimize the shipping costs for our international members.
      • The other items of the membership kit will be eliminated (printed badge, badge holder, sticker)
    • Savings: $4.34 per kit --> 22% savings for domestic membership kits and 16% savings for international kits
    • Additional Savings: Possibly reduces Kate's time and significantly reduces international shipping costs (for conference originated membership)
  • Creation of Organizational Supporter Kits
    • Purpose: To provide regular information to organizational supporters regarding OWASP
    • Each organizational supporter will receive an OWASP kit each quarter
    • Contents
      • 2 copies of an OWASP book printed from lulu (OWASP Top 10 is first book)
      • 1 glossy printout of most recent OWASP newsletter
    • ACTION ITEM: KATE - We need to determine an estimated cost for this and check we have mailing addresses for all organizational members
  • Organizational Supporter Contact
    • Purpose: To establish regular communication between OWASP and organizational supporters
    • All of the organizational supporters will be logically divided by region or established contacts between the OWASP membership committee and OWASP board members (as needed).
    • Each quarter the OWASP contact point will call and speak with the organizational supporter contact point
    • Goal:
      • Establish and build relationship with OWASP
      • Ensure supporter is aware of local chapter events
      • Discuss how OWASP and supporter can further work together
    • ACTION ITEM: MICHAEL - Build list and perform first pass of division
  • Organizational GOLD Supporter / Bundle
    • Discussing idea of creating a bundled supporter package.
    • Goal is to allow an org to use a single PO for the entire year for multiple OWASP "purchases"
    • Ideas for bundle include:
      • Organizational Supporter
      • Conference Attendance
      • Banner Ads
      • Conference Sponsorships
      • Local Chapter donations
    • Need to determine what % discount
    • Need to create sample bundles and possibly offer ala carte style bundling
  • OWASP Presence at Conferences
    • Is OWASP visible at big security conferences? (BlacHat, HitB, CanSecWest, etc)
    • What about developer conferences?
    • Seba proposed OWASP contact conference organizers to establish official relationship. This is something connections committee is likely handling.
    • ACTION ITEM: SEBA - Follow up with connection committee to see if they are doing this

ACTION ITEM: SEBA Follow up with Google

ACTION ITEM: DAN Follow up with Facebook