GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20091012

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Meeting #11 - Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Michael Coates

Dan Cornell

Stephen Craig Evans

Kate Hartmann

Minutes (14:30 - 15:30 EDT)

  • 2008 and 2009 Membership revenue numbers
* 230K is membership revenue for 2008
* 140K is membership revenue for 2009
* -90K 
  • 2010 Membership revenue
* Membership and conferences are main revenue streams  
* A good membership revenue target is 160-170K (this is BEFORE the 60/40 split). 
* Our current membership numbers, if maintained, would reach this goal.
770 Individual Members -> $38,500
27 Corp Members        -> $135,000
Total Membership Revenue= $173,500

* Will continue doing the 60/40 split with chapters through 2010
* Need to assign corporate members to local chapters with contact points
  • Handling of members who want to sponsor specific projects
  • Membership and the newsletter


  • Desired membership targets
* 1500 Total Members
* 35 Corporate Members 
  • Organizational and individual
  • Proposed approach to meet goals
* Contact corporate members at least once per quarter
* Develop monthly contact sheet for corp members 

Action Items

Dan to contact ImageSystems regarding upcoming Corporate Renewel

Kate to contact HP regarding upcoming Corporate Renewel

Kate to get Sales force running by Q2 so chapter leaders can also help drive membership renewal

Need to update language for education members on website. Current requirement for "meeting space 2 times per year" and including owasp in the curriculum, is too strict. Also want language to be open to easily apply to 2 and 4 degree programs.