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Understanding the Membership Model

Join Now!

Current Membership Model Here

Possible New Model - Still Updating with Changes & Ideas

Support Method
Voting Rights? **

Individual Members
$50 /USD 12 month

- Discounted attendance at OWASP Conferences

- Professional Association

- Membership Card / Certificate

- $25 OWASP Store Gift Certificate

OWASP Contributing Member
No Charge - Self Nominated Approved Yearly on a rolling basis

- Free attendance at OWASP Conferences

- Professional Association

- Membership Card / Certificate
- Free training as space permits at Conference training events
- Use of discretionary funds for OWASP related items (500 USD - no pre-approval needed and 2500 USD - one-week warning)



Organization Supporters
$5000/USD 12 month
- Rotating banner ad on the front page for 30 days at no cost.
- Company logo on the OWASP website
- Listed as a sponsor in the newsletter that goes to over 10,000 individuals around the world on OWASP mailing lists.
- Have a collective voice via the Global Industry Committee
- Annual local sponsorship of a local chapter
- Optional - Host a local OWASP meeting to raise security awareness at your offices
1 Vote for Organization
Single Meeting Supporter
Variable - Contact Local Chapter
* Be recognized as a local supporter by posting your company logo on the OWASP website (Image size for logos: gif, jpg or png with a size of 150px X 45px at 72dpi or 55px X 80px at 72dpi)
* Have a table at local chapter meeting to promote application security products/services etc.
Bundle Package
Discounted bundle price of any of above items and/or conference support.
Discounts provided for bundle and available in annual or quarterly payments.
1 Vote for Organization


Accredited University Supporters
No Charge - Provide Meeting Space & Encourage Student Involvement With OWASP
- Raise awareness of the University worldwide
- Be recognized as a supporter by posting your university logo on the OWASP website
- OWASP and the University can jointly publicize season of code events which provide funding for students or faculty to perform security based research
- OWASP and the University can work together to host security seminars or provide introductory training sessions for students on OWASP tools, documentation and security skills.
1 Vote for Organization

OWASP Honorary Member/Leader Process


  • Annual Self Nomination Process- rolling basis per individuals expiration
  • State work contributed to OWASP as justification for honorary status
  • Submissions evaluated and decided by Global Membership Committee - intent is to liberally award those that are actively contributing to OWASP

Why This Approach

  • Decentralized - This requires the individual to self evaluate and present their justification. This is much more scalable than a central group trying to identify all leaders. A group can then manage the number of submitted justifications.
  • Individually Driven - No worry of forgetting someone since people nominate themselves. If they aren't aware of the new process, then they probably aren't that active in the organization (provided we appropriately advertise / discuss)
  • Keeps People Accountable - Can't just grab a chapter lead/ committee / board spot and sit on it. We'll reward those that are contributing.

Example Justification Questions

Chapter Leaders

  • How many chapter meetings have you organized in the past year?
  • What has been the total turn out at these meetings?

Project Leaders

  • What significant contributions have you made to your project in the last year?
  • Has the project reached a major milestone?
  • Has the project been featured in any blogposts, conferences, magazines, etc?

Global Committee Members

  • What percentage of the meetings have you attended for your committee?
  • What contributions have you made to the committee?

Board Members

  • What percentage of the board meetings have you attended?
  • What initiatives have you led for OWASP in the past year?

For All

  • Are there any other ways you have been helping advance OWASP?
  • Anything else we missed?

Voting Rights

  • This concept needs to be clearly defined, documented on the website, and linked to from the Membership page.
    • Does it simply mean voting on Board members?
    • Why isn't this "right" explained or even mentioned at all on the Membership page?
    • Do "Honorary" Members get to vote?
    • When and how does voting take place?