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Meeting Summary

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When: February 17th. 2011, 5:30pm to 8pm
Where: HEIG-VD, Yverdon-les-Bains
Attendees: 31
Meeting sponsors: HEIG-VD Yverdon-les-Bains (OWASP educational member)

Keynote (in French)
Meeting keynote focused on:

  • The OWASP Summit 2011
  • OWASP sponsorship and membership model
  • Invite participants to register to the mailing list and build the first 'membership' level

Download the slides

"0-Days: le diable est dans les plug-ins" (in French)
by Mr. Sebastien Andrivet and Mrs. Flora Bottaccio (ADVTools)
Download the slides

"Code source - Soyez le premier à trouver vos failles de sécurité!" (in French)
by Mr. Thomas Hofer (Blue Infinity)
Download the slides