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Information for Students

The ideas below were contributed by OWASP project leaders and users. They are sometimes vague or incomplete. If you wish to submit a proposal based on these ideas, you may wish to contact the corresponding project leaders and find out more about the particular suggestion you're looking at. Being accepted as a Google Summer of Code student is quite competitive. Accepted students typically have thoroughly researched the technologies of their proposed project and have been in frequent contact with potential mentors. Simply copying and pasting an idea here will not work. On the other hand, creating a completely new idea without first consulting potential mentors is unlikely to work out.

Adding a Proposal


Brief explanation:

Expected results:

Knowledge Prerequisite:


Ideas How to find ideas? Obvious sources of projects are the OWASP project wiki, bugs database, and project mailing lists.

Generic Sample Proposal

Accepted for GSoC 2011

Brief explanation:

KDE has developed a number of very interesting and powerful technologies, libraries and components but there is no easy way to show them to other people.

Expected results:

Something like Qt Demo but with KDE technologies.

Knowledge prerequisite:

C++ is the main language of KDE, therefore the demo should be in C++. The more you know about C++, Qt, KDE and scripting (for Kross and KDE bindings demos), the better. This idea encompasses so much different stuff the student is not expected to know everything before he starts coding (but will certainly know a lot when he's done!).

Skill level: medium

Mentor: Pau Garcia i Quiles as general mentor and someone to ask for directions. Specific help for each technology will probably require help from its developers.

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