GPC Project Surveys 2009

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As part of its 2009 agenda, the Global Projects Committee is undertaking the task of improving the OWASP Project structure. This task includes determining orphaned projects, updating and augmenting the existing project criteria, and reclassifying projects to help users find OWASP Projects that are relevant and important to them.

To help us with this task, we have created a number of surveys that we have distributed to the OWASP Community. Each survey serves a different purpose as explained below. For any questions, please contact the Global Projects Committee.

OWASP Project Owner Spring 2009 Self Update

The project owner(s) for each OWASP Project (both tools and documents) are asked to complete a self update on the status of their project. This information will help the Global Projects Committee discover orphan projects, create processes to help mature existing projects, and to collect metadata about projects that will allow us to re-design the OWASP Project pages. This self-update can be found here.

OWASP Project Sponsorship Survey

The Global Projects Committee is currently exploring corporate sponsorship of individual OWASP Projects. Any project that indicates they would be interested in corporate sponsorship should fill out this survey in addition to the Self Update.

OWASP Project Feedback

The Global Projects Committee would also like to facilitate feedback to OWASP Projects from the OWASP Community. Our first attempt to do so is the Project Feedback form. If you are interested in providing feedback for a particular project, please use this form. Also, if you are a project owner, please feel free to distribute this form to your users and we will forward you the feedback from any surveys for your project. Please be constructive in your feedback and note that all feedback will be made public.