GPC Agenda 2010-08-02

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  • Re-calibrate GPC goals and agenda
  • Determine how GPC can assist Paulo/Board with Google Hacking Inquiry
  • Address new project creation steps
  • Identify GPC responsibilities in ASVS leader selection


Meeting start time: 2100 GMT

  • Reoriented GPC focus on project leadership/governance issues (project inactivity, donations, disputes, etc) vs. operational issues (project evaluations, logistics, management, etc)
  • Established action items for Google Hacking Inquiry:
    • Brad will accumulate documented messages
    • Jason/Brad will analyze and summarize accusations of wrong-doing

Meeting end time: 2230 GMT

Next Steps

  • Work with board to assign responsibility to gather evidence to support or refute accusations
  • Propose recommendations to project governance to improve future lifecycle of all OWASP projects
  • Propose recommended action to Board regarding Google Hacking Project