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(Current Meeting)
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**[[OWASP Project Reviewers Database]],  
**[[OWASP Project Reviewers Database]],  
** SoC 08 Reviewers wiki page,
** SoC 08 Reviewers wiki page,
**Next phase? Brad's report on direction to pursuit.   
**Next phase? Brad's report on direction to pursuit > Paulo is on its way to produce the wiki template to manage this sort of information. Please see [[Template:OWASP Projects Past Reviewers]]  

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Previous meetings and Dial-in details

see GPC Meetings for previous GPC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details


Current Meeting

From Previous Meeting/Follow up

  • The task below has been assumed by Brad > report on progress made.
    • The OWASP Top Ten Project's project leader has invited M. Boberski to review the project against the assessment criteria 2.0.
      • As a result, M. Boberski has raised a set of questions about the criteria. Please see them here.
      • Dinis has built a FAQ wiki page to answer M.and to more broadly make our responses available for future assessment criteria's users. The FAQ wiki page can be accessed here.
      • Please find the spare cycles to help to answer the above referred questions.

  • The question below mentioned has triggered the decision of creating a wiki page to support OWASP service outsourcing bids. Brad has assumed the task > report on progress made.
    • Regarding the creation of covers for OWASP Books, Brad proposes we move the process to a volunteer, without buying the source files.

  • Spreading OWASP Project Details Tab through ALL OWASP Projects.
    • Revised&improved wiki code to link projects and releases - Has this task been finished? Are there any available instructions/documentation? Dinis & Jason's report on progress made.

Issues for next Meeting

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  • Meeting started 10H PM/GMT
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