GPC Agenda 2009-11-23

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Previous meetings and Dial-in details

see GPC Meetings for previous GPC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details


Current Meeting

  • Project Reviewers,
    • In the sequence of suggestions and comments previously made by Tom and Brad and Matt, I've created a first straw of the page to receive information about hypothetical volunteer project reviewers.
      • Please check it out and let me know if you think any changes have to be made.
      • Also, it seems to me that the next phases of this process could consist in pushing it forward by using this page to describe the review job role and, thereafter, by doing a call for reviewers through our leaders' mailing list.
      • If you agree with this methodology I ask if one of you have the spare cycles to produce the above referred job description. Later on a text to support the call for reviewers will also be needed - I will produce a first draft for your comments if nobody assumes first the task.

From Previous Meeting/Follow up

Issues for next Meeting

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  • Meeting started 10H PM/GMT
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