GPC Agenda 2009-08-03

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  • Jeffrey Barto's proposal to adopt OWASP Application Security Metrics project
  • New OWASP Project Identification Tab template
  • Level 0 Projects
    • Icon (1 dot for a "0" level project offsets all the images)
    • Pamphlet should not be required at Level 0


Meeting started 2000

  • Approved Jeffrey Barto's adoption of the metrics project
  • Brad and Matt will meet with Nick on Thursday (6 Aug 2009) to discuss applying OpenSAMM to OWASP

Meeting ended 2030

Action Items

  • Jason will work on wiki transclusion to see best way to uniformly apply ID tab to all projects
  • When Paulo returns from vacation, we will work with him to change email template to clearly differentiate required items