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Project Division Updates

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 113
    • Archived Projects: 41
    • Graveyard Projects: 24 (Shall I just get rid of these?)
    • Merged Projects: 43 (I've looked through these, and it seems like we really don't need to track them individually anymore. Shall I get rid of these as well? Thoughts?)

Currently Working On

  • 'Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • AppSec USA 2012 queries
    • Travel queries
    • Budget based questions
    • Funding questions
    • Project based administrative help
    • Project status information
    • Several project donations questions
    • OWASP LinkedIn Management
  • Projects Handbook
    • The archived Handbook
    • Completing this will help us move forward in projects significantly as we know.
    • I have gone through it this week, and I feel it is in a good pre-final draft stage.
    • Please have a read through it and we can discuss it in our next meeting.
  • SalesForce Metadata Migration
    • I have completed collecting the data for all Active, Archived, and Merged Projects.
    • Continue to work with Kate to finish the migration.
    • We will do a demo today, of what we have so far in Salesforce: Please note it is still a work in progress.

More Funding Potential

  2. I was able to get in touch and meet with Chris this week.
  3. He has agreed to continue as the project leader for ESAP Reboot 2012.
  4. We have agreed to start working together on the DHS Funding Proposal.
  5. If we are successful, this will be another $25K for projects.