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*'''Pending Incubator Project Applications''':   
*'''Pending Incubator Project Applications''':   
**OWASP Periodic Table  
**OWASP Periodic Table  
==Currently Working On==
==Currently Working On==
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**The sales people finally got back to me.  
**The sales people finally got back to me.  
**Evidently, we owe them $12,000. .  
**Evidently, we owe them $12,000. .  
**Here is the [ Invoice.]
**Here is the [https://www.owasp.org/images/7/71/OWASP_Invoice_October_2012.pdf Invoice.]
**Here is the [https://www.owasp.org/images/c/c8/Dice_Letter.pdf letter regarding the recent purchase of the Media Division of Geeknet.]
**we need to discuss what we are going to do with this.
**we need to discuss what we are going to do with this.
**Moreover, we need to discuss how to close this account, and how we are going to migrate existing OWASP users to a different platform.
**Moreover, we need to discuss how to close this account, and how we are going to migrate existing OWASP users to a different platform.

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Project Division Updates

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 113
    • Archived Projects: 41
    • Graveyard Projects: 24 (Shall I just get rid of these?)
    • Merged Projects: 43 (I've looked through these, and it seems like we really don't need to track them individually anymore. Shall I get rid of these as well? Thoughts?)
  • Pending Project Donations:
  • Pending Incubator Project Applications:
    • OWASP Periodic Table

Currently Working On

  • AppSec USA
    • Spent last week in Austin, Texas at AppSec USA: From Monday through Sunday.
    • Took care of the logistics for the OSS presenters: Set up their booths, printed their signs, set up monitors and power cords, arranged for them to have food, water, notepads, etc.
    • Hoping to bring OSS to all four OWASP Global Conferences in 2013 on a larger scale.
    • Attended in-person board meeting.
    • One of the conference photographers.
    • Attended chapter leader workshop: Hoping to do something similar for Project Leaders.
    • 5 Hour in-person staff meeting.
    • Had dinner with Nishi and Keith: Thank you, guys.
    • Volunteered to bartend, and won 2nd place in the armadillo races.
    • Misc. logistics support for the conference.
  • Salesforce Metadata Migration
    • All project data is now in Salesforce.
    • I continue to work with Kate to finish the migration.
    • We are currently working on create a template e-mail to send to all active project leaders asking them to update their information.
  • Project Promotion Events
    • Simon Bennetts and Jim Manico have registered to give talks at FOSDEM.
    • FOSDEM: Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting.
    • Date: February 2nd -3rd.
    • If their applications are successful, they will have a great opportunity to promote their projects.
    • Simon is promoting ZAP.
    • Jim will be promoting OWASP Projects in general, and using several Reboot 2012 projects as examples of success stories.
    • Main track speakers get costs covered.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • AppSec USA 2012 queries
    • Travel queries
    • Budget based questions
    • Funding questions
    • Project based administrative help
    • Project status information
    • Several project donations questions
    • OWASP LinkedIn Updates
  • Projects Handbook
    • The archived Handbook
    • I have made more edits to the new Handbook.
    • Project Graduation and Release Review Processes
    • I have added an Appendix.
    • The Project Donation agreement is finalised.
    • Flagship Projects: I think I should keep a section in here that describes what flagship projects are, but note that this designation is given by The Foundation? Thoughts?
    • Project Release Review Criteria: I need a bit of help to come up with the technical qualifying criteria for each project category for their reviews.
    • Please have a read through it and we can discuss the items above in two weeks when we have our next meeting.
    • November 2nd, 2012 is the next meeting.

More Funding Potential

  2. I continue to put together the ESAPI Funding Proposal.
  3. I am currently looking into applying for a Google Grant.
  4. If we are successful with the Google Grant, we will be awarded $10,000 a month for use in a Google Adwords Campaign.