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Project Division Updates

Currently Working On

  • SourceForge Update
    • I have reached out to Audrey, our Geeknet representative, and asked if she has received payment from us.
    • I have also asked her to confirm if our account is in fact closed.
    • I am still waiting to hear back from her.
  • OWASP Licenses Update
    • This is the final draft of the letter: Letter.
    • I have sent this to the projects with licensing issues.
    • I am still waiting to hear back from all of them.
  • AppSec APAC 2013: Planning
    • We have not received any applications for participation in the AppSec APAC OSS.
    • Sarah and I discussed the possibility of doing away with this particular event module, and focus on getting speakers for the OWASP Track instead. I agreed.
    • We decided to wait until Wednesday of next week to take the banners down. This will give those interested in applying, a bit more time.
    • We asked the local team what projects they are interested in having at their conference.
    • They gave us a list, and we are in the process of getting those project representatives to apply for the OWASP Track.
  • Project Support Volunteer Role Development
    • The roles have now been allocated for each volunteer that has expressed interest in working with OWASP.
    • I will have a meeting with the successful candidates regarding their project support duties, next week.
    • I will send more information to the other volunteers about the different ways they can support the Guidebook projects during their development.
  • New Project Web Page
    • The new web page development is almost complete.
    • The only information missing is the Assessment Criteria and Project Terminology.
    • Please see below for my proposal on the Assessment Criteria.
  • Assessment Criteria, Lifecycle, and Graduation Processes
    • I have sent my proposal to all GPC members.
    • Lets discuss this today.
    • Process form development: Proposal Completed
    • Project Stage Benefits: Proposal Completed
    • Project Graduation Process & Criteria: Proposal Completed
    • Project Deliverable/Release Review Criteria: Proposal Completed
    • Project Migration Process: Proposal Completed
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions.
    • Funding queries.
    • Travel availability.
    • Project based administrative help.
    • Project status information.
    • Several project donations questions.
    • OWASP LinkedIn Updates.
    • What's happening with projects, questions.

More Funding Potential

  1. Guidebooks Grant Payment: We have submitted the forms, and are waiting to hear back from Deb.
  2. ESAPI Grant Proposal: The proposal has passed the first round of reviews. It is now at the peer review stage with 6 other applications.
  3. We have now begun the process of grant writing for the ModSecurity Project.
  4. Ryan and I are still developing the project plan.
  5. This will be for a $30,000 grant proposal.