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Project Division Updates

  • Pending Project Confirmations
    • Forensic Guide: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
    • Xelenium: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
    • Intelligent Security: Waiting to hear back from the Project Leader.
  • Pending Project Donations
  • Inquiries to the Committee
    • What is the project donation process? Keith can you elaborate on it?
    • I have a volunteer wanting to take over a project that is inactive. We cannot get hold of the previous PL? What is the process to change leaders, if any?

Currently Working On

  • Projects Communications Restructuring
    • I have begun to create a the wiki template for the new OWASP Projects page.
    • I am having a bit of trouble with the tabs, but I am getting help from volunteers on how to do this.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
  • AppSec USA OSS
    • We rolled out the marketing for this recently, and we have received 6 entries.
    • As of today, all 6 entries have been accepted.
    • I am drafting acceptance letters with information on what comes next for the attendees.These will be sent out next week. We are now sorting logistics and travel for the accepted project leaders.
    • There is the question of travel aid for some of the project leaders. I suggest we set aside $3,000 for those PLs that ask for financial assistance to get to AppSec USA.
  • DHS Host Project Funding Proposal
    • Andrew, Matteo, Eoin and I met to speak about this in more depth. Deborah, the home office representative, had some concerns about PM software and travel expenses in the budget.
    • She would like to know if we are able to re-allocate the PM software and travel expenses to the OWASP portion of the budget. This meeting clarified many of the questions I had about Deborah's concerns.
    • The PM software is available open source and we have applied for a license already, and the travel expenses can now come from the OWASP section of the budget.
    • Kate, Deborah and I participated in an interview where we discussed her concerns. See above. The interview went very well, and we are currently waiting to hear back from her.
    • Meeting Outcome: She was going to send us specific instructions on what she needed from us regarding the budget, and she is going to send us an updated proposal form so we can start applying for 2 other OWASP projects she expressed an interest in.
  • Atlassian Open Source License
    • Andrew and I worked together on this application.
    • The Atlassian representative has gotten back to us and the company has decided that a community license would suit this project better. We are in the process of writing an application for the new license recommendation.

Projects Communication Structure Development Update

  1. We will have weekly meetings to discuss updates on projects issues. The meetings will be every Friday at 2pm GMT.
  2. Communications structure has been agreed upon. We will organise our projects communication through the use of Tabs in the OWASP Projects section of the wiki.
  3. Agreement has been made to finish the OWASP Projects Handbook
  4. Committee must re-evaluate the project lifecycle procedure
  5. All of the Projects documentation must either be updated or created and organised in the correct locations on the wiki. Changes should be agreed upon by the committee before they are made live to the community.

AppSec Ireland

  1. Have been in Dublin, Ireland for AppSec Ireland: From Monday, September 03 - Thursday, September 06
  2. Went to help out with the conference and familiarise myself with the way AppSec events are run
  3. Sat in on a full day training with Jim Manico: Thank you Jim
  4. Helped coordinate the printing and delivery of OWASP branded items
  5. Helping manage the registration and information desk

Important Meeting Outcomes and Discussion Points

  1. Jason Li and Samantha will meet next week, Tues 28th August 2012, to discuss items in more detail.
  2. Justin will work on the Project's Handbook before our next GPC meeting
  3. Samantha will add Project Lifecycle recommendations before our next GPC meeting
  4. Find out what is Jason's availability to participate in the GPC
  5. What is the availability of other GPC members?