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Steps to starting a project (paraphrased from draft Project Handbook:

  1. Submitter sends request via: new project request form
  2. Request generates an email to the GPC containing project submission
  3. All requests are held for a seven day waiting period ("speedbump") for committee and community review/feedback.
  4. At the conclusion of the "speedbump" period, the project is created.

Steps to creating a project on the OWASP Wiki:

  1. Determine Project Name
  2. Create OWASP mailing list
  3. Create main project page (/[project_name])
  4. Create Project Roadmap Page (/Projects/[project_name]/Roadmap)
  5. Create Project Metadata wiki page (/Projects/[project_name])
  6. Create Project Releases wiki page (/Projects/[project_name]/Releases)