GEC Agenda 2011-03-21

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  • Nishi Kumar
  • Sebastien Goria
  • Martin Knobloch
  • Kate Hartman n (GEC external)


  • Fabio


  • Kuai
  • Eduardo
  1. 1 discussion of the governance Mission: we discussed the mission statement of the governance page

The mission statement should cover Guidiance an enabling of: training, trainers and materials fromout OWASP and OWASP events (OWAsp training days, training at (non-) owasp conferences)

Kate: Kate explains the possibilitie of having a facilitator. If the GEC things this would be helping the GEC, this should be in the GEC's budget.

Current members: -> Nishi -> Sebastien -> Fabio -> Cecil

New Members: -> Carlos Serrão -> Tony Gottlieb (not enough votes) -> Zaki Akhmad (no votes) -> Marc Chisinevski (1 vote) -> Nishi has one more potentional member <nishi, put in his name>

--> question for the committee chair meeting, how to keep the aplication

   site open for aplying to the committees

To exit: -> Eduardo Neves Not a member anymore: -> Mano

Chair: Martin sends out an email of who is volunteering for chair Voting will be done by, Martin will setup!

Regular Meetings: This time is great for Nishi (4pm her local time), unfortunately it does not work for Fabio. Nishi is in favor of a fixed meeting time. Sebastien supports this. Proposed meeting time will be from 9 to 11 gmt+1 (Martin) Nishi, from 4 to 5 -> Sebastien, from 9 to 10 -> Fabio, from 8 to 9 -> Kuai,??? -> Cecil. ??

Revmoval, agreed by Nishi, Martin and Sebastien Travel, agreed by Nishi, Martin and Sebastien


Goals & Budget: Martin does set up a wiki with the presentation from Nishi. We will use the discussion tab to discuse the subject and will do in detail the next GEC meeting.


Next meeting in two weeks, April 4th. Martin will create an google agenda invite! Martin from 9 to 11 gmt+1 (Martin) Nishi, from 4 to 5 -> Sebastien, from 9 to 10 -> Fabio, from 8 to 9 -> Kuai,??? -> Cecil. ??


Sebastien updated on Paris training day, it will be april 26th in Paris. -> Ministery of defense is one of the sponsors the koffie

  and does send developers to the trainers and is interested in more OWASP trainings!

-> Vendor of WebApplication Firewall sponsors the lunch

Hi potentional of trainers, as one of the trainer is from and Dinis. Two trainings in english has been accepted, 6 trainers is total <Sebastien, please fill in the blanks>


Martin had a short update on the OWASP Academy Portal