GEC Agenda 2009-11-26

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From Previous Meeting

  • TBD

Current Meeting

  • New GEC members
  • Elect GEC chair
  • Discuss Summit outcome and actions
  • Input AppSec Europe Call for Trainers

Open Action points (owner + date)

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  • The meeting was rescheduled to 7-Dec-2009

Present: Kuai, Martin, Fabio, Nishi, Seba

  • Meeting started 22h UTC
  • Kuai and Martin will co-chair the committee to assure US and EU timezone followup of the committee and make sure the monthly call is scheduled.
    • Kuai and Martin will also check with every committee member for continued time dedication towards the committee
  • Matt is the new Board rep
  • A new Connection Committee is created OWASP Connections Committee - will also cover the OWASP marketing
  • The goals of the Summit were reviewed:
    • Martin to follow-up on the Bootcamp
    • Kuai to follow-up on the Academic outreach
    • Seba will rephrase the Education criteria in the Membership page
    • The chapter leaders should be encouraged to push the education memberships
    • Martin to start with the accredited trainers list (extension of the speaker buro) - challenge will be to cpature the feedback scores in an automated way. This should be performed by the training organizer.
  • Nishi is starting with the CBT project
    • looking for help to upload it to Google Code and for reviewers of the first CBTs
    • Rest of the GEC to provide input on list of topics to be covered by the CBTs
    • First high level presentation is candidated to be turened into a 'college pack' - Nishi to send the draft
  • The monthly meeting is moved to the last Wednesday of the month
  • The December meeting is moved towards December 23
  • Everybody: add your action points to the bottom with description and timing!

Action Points
Who What When Status
Seba create minutes asap done
Seba update education supporter criteria December 09 open