GEC Agenda 2009-10-29

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From Previous Meeting

  • Discuss ISC2 follow up

Current Meeting

  • University of Leuven became University supporter (Seba)
  • UNISINOS ( university supporter (Eduardo)
  • Extra NY University Supporters (Fabio mail)
  • Edu advisory board (e.g. John, ...)
  • SoC09 OWASP online assessment and training portal status?
  • SoC09 Proposal on Enterprise Training (Cassio Goldschmidt)
  • use for media storage presentations?
  • training questions: => set up list of criteria / accreditation of OWASP trainers?
  • OWASP End User Education Project
  • OWASP Mini Summit DC 09
  • OWASP Training Fees
  • GEC Project Updates
  • Follow up on course donations (Daniel, Andrew, Martin, ...)
  • Task list on GEC page
  • Revamp to category
  • Work with 3rd party to apply for grants globally with other foundations, academic organisations & governments
  • University projects interested in using the open fortify project (Kuai?)
  • Matt donates 3 courses based on Testing Guide & LiveCD -> to be integrated in the Education project (Seba)

Open Action points (owner + date)

  • Add here


  • Meeting started 9PM/GMT
  • Add here