Funds available for OWASP Projects

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This page contains details about funds available to OWASP projects.

The sponsorship model is different from the one used in AoC 06 and SpoC 007 since these are cases where specific money (throughout out the year) has been allocated to OWASP projects (for example by new OWASP members or by companies/organizations with specific requirements/projects)

ORG - OWASP Site Generator (5k)

  • Project description:: Continue development of Site Generator, write new vulnerabilities, work on new dynamic engine, document findings
  • Funds available:: 5,000 USD
  • Sponsor: Spy Dynamics, Cenzic

OWASP Corporate Application Security Rating Guide (3k)

Questions for SANS's SSI (5k)

  • Project description:: Write questions for JAVA SANS's Software Security Institute certification exams( The candidate will need to write the questions and answers and must be a very knowledgeable and respected member of the Java security institute. For obvious reasons only 10% to 20% of the questions created will be disclosed to the OWASP community, with the remaining used in the certification's exams.
  • Funds available:: 5,000 USD
  • Sponsor: SANS

Source Code Review OWASP Projects(5k)

  • Project description:: Use Fortify's source code scanning engine to scan OWASP projects coded in JAVA. The main objective of this project will be to create the workflow required to make this service a mandatory step on the OWASP Software Development Lifecycle (i.e. the tools developed and published via OWASP projects).
  • Funds available: 5,000 USD
  • Sponsor: Fortify